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In Her Words
Robin von Halle

We cannot express strongly enough how critical it is to consult with an agency that works with mental health professionals and lawyers who specialize in fertility counseling. This is extremely important in both surrogacy and egg donation. Reputable agencies help couples, surrogates and donors with legal contracts to ensure that certain procedures, including psychiatric and background checks of egg donors, surrogates and intended parents, take place before anything is agreed upon, offsetting the risks that can be involved with this lengthy process.

Our Team

photoRobin von Halle

ARR's president founded the firm in 1992 after extensive research of the business due to her personal situation with fertility. ARR was one of the first egg donor and gestational surrogacy agencies in the country. She has led the agency's success by working to expand acceptance of anonymous egg donors, forging relationships with prospective gestational surrogates, and upholding stringent quality standards. She works very closely with intended parents to help them understand the process of egg donation and surrogacy. Robin and the team strive to be with our clients from when they first hire us until the birth of their baby. She holds a dual degree in psychology and social work from Ohio University, and has extensive business experience in technology and technology consultation.

photoMary Ellen McLaughlin

Mary Ellen, Robin's business partner, began working with the company soon after it was founded. A nurse with a BSN from DePaul University in Chicago, Mary Ellen spent the first part of her career in intensive care. She then moved on to obstetrics and gynecology, which included the early era of infertility treatments. At ARR, Mary Ellen interviews, guides and advocates for gestational surrogates throughout their surrogacy journey and maintains those relationships over time. She also works closely with egg donors and intended parents. Mary Ellen's medical knowledge coupled with her compassion for all those involved in third party reproduction make her ideal for her position.

photoNidhi Desai

Desai is of-counsel to ARR as a partner with the Chicago law firm of Desai & Miller, a top specialist in reproductive and adoption law. Desai is one of Illinois' leading experts on the legal implications of egg donation and surrogacy. She co-authored the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act of 2005 and remains a powerful voice on the legal, public policy and ethical issues related to assisted reproductive technologies. Desai helps ARR navigate the legal issues arising as the field evolves and ensures that the legal needs of all its clients are anticipated and met. Desai holds her J.D. from Loyola University, Chicago.

photoAntonia Granados

Antonia, junior partner, joined the ARR team in 2008 and works as an intended parent and surrogate coordinator. She works closely with intended parents who are matched with an egg donor and helps to guide them through the entire process. Antonia also aides in the screening of gestational surrogates candidates. She brings a high level of expertise to her position that is paired with a caring and understanding personality that makes her a pleasure to work with. Antonia graduated from Loyola University in Chicago.

photoAnn Wieczorek

Ann joined the ARR team in 2015. She is a Licensed Social Worker with a background in the field of adoption. Her sincere desire to help build families led her to become a Gestational Surrogate with ARR and she recently joined the team as a Gestational Surrogate Coordinator who aids in the screening of Gestational Surrogate candidates. Ann also runs the ARR Gestational Surrogate support group. She holds a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ann's personal experience as a Gestational Surrogate and background in helping families who struggle with fertility makes her a great resource for Gestational Surrogates and Intended Parents.

photoStephanie Scott

Stephanie joined the ARR Team in 2015. Stephanie is the Intended Parent Coordinator for all gestational surrogacy matches and is the main point of contact for intended parents from the time they are officially matched with a surrogate throughout pregnancy and delivery. Stephanie comes from a hospital setting, providing coordination of care. She worked closely with both patients and providers and has a great understanding of providing support that is respectful of and responsive to individual preferences, needs, and values. She graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington with her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from the School of Public Health.

photoLeya Ruchti

Leya joined the ARR Team in 2014. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a degree in Health Communication and a minor in German. She will be your first point of contact with ARR and her eagerness to help will make sure you get connected with the right person. Leya's enthusiasm and dedication is evident in the egg donor screening process and throughout working with intended parents to match them with their donor.

photoPaige Kopecky

Paige joined the ARR team in 2014 and works as a donor coordinator. Paige has donated 6 times through ARR and is able to bring compassion and experience to the team. She is the first point of contact for potential egg donors and provides the same support and comfort that she received through her donation cycles. She also works with intended parents who are looking to be matched with an egg donor. Her patience, understanding and pleasant manner help both donors and parents through the process. Paige is also in Nursing School working towards her BSN.

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