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An Egg Donor's Story

I was inspired to donate after a friend gave birth after receiving an egg donation. Alternative Reproductive Resources was recommended by an acquaintance. I discussed the situation with my husband, who was a little hesitant at first. But once he met our friend's little girl, he realized what an amazing gift my egg donation would be. I have donated three times, and am on the waiting list to make a final donation before I begin to focus on starting my own family.

Interested in Becoming an Egg Donor?

Egg donors tell us that the financial rewards are nice, but they uniformly cite their role in helping others create new life as the most rewarding part of this process. Nearly 90 percent of eligible donors choose to donate with us again!

We are here to help you. Egg donation is a medical process, and we explain the procedures step by step so there are no surprises. And as a donor, your anonymity is closely protected. All approved applicants are entered into our private database.

We welcome and encourage donor applicants from all religious and ethnic backgrounds. To learn more about the egg donation process, read our FAQs or contact us.

If you want to change someone's life forever, become an egg donor.

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