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An Egg Donor's Story

I was inspired to donate after a friend gave birth after receiving an egg donation. Alternative Reproductive Resources was recommended by an acquaintance. I discussed the situation with my husband, who was a little hesitant at first. But once he met our friend's little girl, he realized what an amazing gift my egg donation would be. I have donated three times, and am on the waiting list to make a final donation before I begin to focus on starting my own family.

Egg Donation Overview

Egg donors continue playing a vital role in the creation of many families. Since 1992, Alternative Reproductive Resources has sought out and worked with the best donors in not only the Midwest but also around the United States. We have worked hard to ensure the best experience for donors at every step of the process, from submitting the applications to after-retrieval check-ins. It is that thoughtful follow-through and consideration for every donor with whom we work that makes the ARR difference.

From the moment that you submit your first application, our team is there for you, discussing the process, letting you know the requirements, and helping you figure out if this commitment is right for you. We provide you with information at every step and help you weigh the decision. Our professionalism and experience is unparalleled in our field, and you will find no team more caring or invested in your individual needs.

We at Alternative Reproductive Resources are so glad that you are considering us to be your egg donation agency. You have just taken the first crucial step towards building a family and we promise to show you the ARR difference from the moment you contact us onward.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or if you are feel you're ready to move forward, create an account and apply to be a donor today!

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