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What Intended Parents Need to Know

How do I get started?

Call us at 773.327.7315. We can answer your initial questions, and set up a meeting that will last about an hour. This is strictly informational, to acquaint you with the egg donation and/or gestational surrogacy process.

How long might we have to wait for an egg donor?

It depends how exacting your requirements are of a donor. We offer various programs and several ways for you to explore your options, including our private database of egg donor candidates and that of our sister service, www.donornetworkalliance.com.

Are egg donors pre-screened?

Absolutely. They all undergo at least 90 minutes of intense interview time with ARR, and several hours of independent psychological testing before meeting with your reproductive endocrinologist to undergo medical evaluation.

How much information on egg donors is shared?

They provide photographs from birth to adulthood and photos of their children (if any). Each completes an extensive questionnaire sharing all pertinent health information, educational background, physical characteristics and hobbies. This information is available to prospective parents; we also share our personal observations about the candidates.

What is the average wait for gestational surrogates?

Realistically, intended parents should expect a several-month wait before being matched with their ideal candidate.

Are gestational surrogates pre-screened?

Yes. Every gestational surrogate provides obstetrical records and an assessment from her OB/GYN to determine her medical suitability. The surrogate and her husband or significant other also undergo a comprehensive psychological screening conducted by an independent board certified licensed clinical psychologist.

What are the legal concerns with egg donation and surrogacy?

With the advent of assisted reproductive technologies, many issues have arisen, ranging from recognition of maternity and paternity to potential liabilities to long-term implications of the process. We provide a list of attorneys with expertise in this area. ARR is represented by the Chicago law firm of Ballard, Desai & Miller, one of the leading specialists in reproductive technology law. Partner Nidhi Desai, who works very closely with ARR, co-authored Illinois’ 2005 Gestational Surrogacy Act, one of the most surrogacy friendly laws in the nation.

fast fertility facts

Fast Fertility Facts

The Centers for Disease Control’s 2007 survey of 430 fertility clinics and their services found 93 percent involved in donor eggs, 67 percent, donor embryos, and 82 percent, gestational surrogates. Ninety nine percent handle cryopreservation.

  american society of reproductive medicine