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Illinois Surrogacy Reviews

Since 1992, Alternative Reproductive Resources is working tirelessly with the sole aim of making life of childless couples filled with joy and guiding egg donors as well as intended surrogate mothers. We offer an extremely supportive environment to women who come forward to become Illinois surrogate mothers willingly and people who want to opt for our gestational surrogacy program with the help of our core team of professionals, physicians, gynecologists and counselors. We also make sure as one of the most reputed surrogate agencies Illinois to offer a high level of commitment and this gets reflected in the feedback that we receive from all corners. Here, have a look at some of the praises showered on us by our esteemed clients worldwide.

"I was a little apprehensive at first, but get bowled over by the unmatched professionalism and warmth of ARR."

"I can't thanks more to ARR professionals that make my wish true with their earnest commitment and great services".

"Words are too few to express my gratitude to these people as I had long ago lost the hope of experiencing motherhood, but ARR made my dreams a reality and my little angel in my lap is a proof of the same".

"It becomes such a fulfilling experience to become an Illinois surrogate mother as ARR helps in every step from the very beginning and treat me with utmost dignity".

"ARR is obviously the best gestational surrogacy Illinois agency that provides easy access to all requisite information regarding surrogacy and has the most understanding team of professionals and guide the intended parents throughout till the birth of their baby".

"I came here only after a lot of research about other agencies that promise a smooth gestational surrogacy and I must say my research was worth as ARR has got only positive feedbacks so far by their clients from all over the world."

"I can just say that without the guidance and commitment of these people, it was almost impossible for me to ever experience the joy of parenthood in my lifetime."

"Everyone is here so warm and affectionate that it took really long to absorb this fact that as a surrogate mother, I am not just a carrier but I am also taken care of as a human being. Moreover, the feeling of able to help a couple with able guidance is truly rewarding".

A Surrogate's Story:

I started working with Alternative Reproductive Resources in 2005. The process to become a surrogate was more complicated than I had expected and I'm not going to lie, at first it was stressful. Luckily, ARR held my hand through the entire process. You see, I was a surrogate twice. The first time, the embryo transfer didn't take, which was not only hard for me, but for the couple I was trying to help. Due to health issues, the couple had to focus on other needs. Nevertheless, that experience made me stronger and more motivated to help another couple. ARR introduced me to another couple. This experience was very different - not only was I working with new parents, but a different team of doctors. In May 2007, the embryos were transferred and took. I was pregnant with twins. The feeling was overwhelming. Throughout the pregnancy, the intended parents, ARR and my family were very supportive and I was able to give the couple two very precious gifts.

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