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Introducing Alternative Conception

alternative conception

A shared egg donor program for those who are self-paying fertility program costs

Graceful Conception and Alternative Reproductive Resources understand the emotional and financial pressures on Intended Parents. 

To help, we’ve collaborated to bring you an exciting new program:  Alternative Conception.

Alternative Conception is designed to alleviate the financial pressure for those who are self-paying the costs of their fertility treatments. It does that by allowing you to share your egg donor cycle with another Intended Parent with whom we’ll match you

Alternative Conception gives you access to hundreds of egg donor profiles represented by our agencies.  Together, we have one of the largest donor databases in the region. Many of these donors are pre-screened. 

We are committed to seeing you through the process, working closely to ensure the screenings and egg retrieval cycles proceed seamlessly.  And if your chosen donor is not able to go forward to retrieval, we will rematch you with no additional Agency fee.

Alternative Conception is a unique program that poses an approximate 30% percent reduction in egg donation program fees.  We will also refer you to partnering fertility clinics that participate in our shared donor program and will offer similar reductions in their medical process fees.

Let us help you remove some of the stress on your journey to parenthood. Contact us to learn more!

Graceful Conception
Phone: 847-234-9606

Alternative Reproductive Resources
Phone: 773-327-7315

Alternative Conception FAQs

You have questions? We have answers!

Q How do I find a "partner" with whom to share the egg donor cycle?
A Both ARR and Graceful Conception will assist you in finding your shared cycle partner once you have selected your donor.

Q Must my cycle partner and I use the same physician and clinic for the donor’s cycle?
A Due to the logistics of an IVF cycle, everyone must use the same fertility center. However, you may be able to see a different physician from the same center, depending on its policy. 

Q How many eggs will I get?
A The total number collected varies from cycle to cycle and donor to donor, so this can’t be predicted.  

Q How eggs are split between me and my cycle partner?
A They are split 50/50.

Q Who gets the extra egg if there is an uneven number?
A The partner who selected the donor first will receive the extra egg.

Q What if there aren't enough eggs?
A We recommend canceling the retrieval if your physician surmises there are not sufficient follicles likely to hold mature eggs.

Q Am I guaranteed to have a baby?
A Egg donation greatly improves the chances of pregnancy, but there is no guarantee it will result in a live birth.

Q What if I don't get pregnant? 
A Again, there are no guarantees. However, we will offer you a reduced agency fee for 
another cycle if pregnancy does not occur.

An Egg Donor’s Story

I was inspired to donate after a friend gave birth after receiving an egg donation. Alternative Reproductive Resources was recommended by an acquaintance. I discussed the situation with my husband, who was a little hesitant at first. But once he met our friend’s little girl, he realized what an amazing gift my egg donation would be. I have donated three times, and am on the waiting list to make a final donation before I begin to focus on starting my own family.

  american society of reproductive medicine