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Our Surrogacy Program

Surrogate Management

In addition to our standard surrogacy services, ARR offers a special program for those intended parents who seek out gestational surrogates on their own to offset some of the costs the process involves.

Through our Surrogate Management Services, we aim to reduce the costs and risks of “do-it-yourself” surrogacy. We handle all the necessary details and due diligence that a successful outcome requires. For a one-time fee of $8,000, we:

  • Meet with both parties to explain the process.
  • Gather and review your prospective surrogate’s obstetric records.
  • Administer the surrogate’s psychological evaluation.
  • Manage establishment of an escrow account for her payments through an independent, insured escrow agent.
  • Conduct a background check.
  • Coordinate her cycles with your fertility clinic.
  • Help navigate the legal process to ensure that the arrangement is legally secure.

Working with a gestational surrogate to build your family may be one of your most important investments. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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A Surrogate’s Story:

I gave birth to twin boys with a wonderful man. But he was not my husband. He is a single dad and I was his gestational surrogate. I know what we did was unconventional, but it felt right. There are so many people (gay or single) who would make great parents and deserve the opportunity. So we just figured we’d like to help. We found ARR through our local newspaper and decided to give them a call. The process was wonderful, and ARR treated us like part of their family. The most rewarding experience of my life, besides my own son being born, was seeing this new father hold his sons. His mother couldn’t stop thanking me. We’ve already been able to see the boys once since the delivery and their father is adjusting quite well. We intend to stay in contact, even if it’s just the occasional Christmas card or school photo. This experience was exactly what we had hoped for. So many worthy people are out there looking for help in creating their own family.

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