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A Parent's Story
Cheryl Johnson, Willowbrook, Ill.

I always wanted children, but as I grew older I knew the chances of becoming pregnant would become harder. ARR had the philosophy I was looking for in an agency. The ARR team made me feel very comfortable as a single woman making a life-changing decision. I also was impressed by ARR's egg donor process. ARR did extensive background work as part of the process, ultimately matching me with two exceptional potential donors. They both shared my characteristics and values. I am now the proud mother of twin boys. My donor and ARR helped me create the family I always wanted.

Egg Donation Programs

As we were one of the first third party agencies in the country, we have had time to perfect our programs. We provide you with options to meet your individual circumstances. This means that our programs are flexible to create the optimal experience for you. In every case, we explain in detail all of the provisos and costs so that you may have a clear picture from the beginning of what a cycle would mean for you. The ARR difference is our commitment to being caring, transparent, and fair as we work together to help you achieve your goal of parenthood.

Cycle Commitment Program

In ARR's commitment to transparency, we include the majority of our costs into one ARR fee, which includes everything except for your psychological evaluation, attorney fees, and fertility center costs. The fee does cover the donor's legal representation, complications insurance, psychological screening, incidental expenses, and oversight of the cycle by our donor coordinators.

In the case that a donor is unable to complete her cycle due to extenuating circumstances, this program allows you to choose another donor for few additional charges.

Family Commitment Program

With this program, ARR is committed to stick with you until you receive a positive pregnancy of you decide to pursue other options to complete your family. The Family Commitment Program fee covers everything that the Cycle Commitment Program includes plus the promise of a commitment to you through multiple donors for up to five years

The Family Commitment program is a program designed so that you may work with as many donors as necessary, so long as you have used every embryo prior to beginning with another donor. The fee covers the administrative costs of matching you again but does not include the donor's compensation. This means that if you are rematched, you won't have to worry about covering another agency fee!

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