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A Surrogate's Story:

I gave birth to twin boys with a wonderful man. But he was not my husband. He is a single dad and I was his gestational surrogate. I know what we did was unconventional, but it felt right. There are so many people (gay or single) who would make great parents and deserve the opportunity. So we just figured we'd like to help. We found ARR through our local newspaper and decided to give them a call. The process was wonderful, and ARR treated us like part of their family. The most rewarding experience of my life, besides my own son being born, was seeing this new father hold his sons. His mother couldn't stop thanking me. We've already been able to see the boys once since the delivery and their father is adjusting quite well. We intend to stay in contact, even if it's just the occasional Christmas card or school photo. This experience was exactly what we had hoped for. So many worthy people are out there looking for help in creating their own family.

Gestational Surrogacy Overview

It takes a village to raise a child and sometimes it takes a village to create one. Gestational surrogates play an imperative and rewarding role in the creation of so many families. As one of the first agencies in the US to offer surrogacy services, ARR has dedicated itself to helping surrogates find the right match in order to have the best possible experience.

As a leading agency in this field, our caring, hands-on, and highly principled approach is considered a model for other programs, we are known for our fair treatment and equal advocacy for both surrogates and parents. With us, everyone is working toward the ultimate goal of a healthy child that will complete a family.

Surrogates will be changing the lives of those who use this path to complete their family. We fully understand remarkable commitment you are making through your decision to become a surrogate. The commitment and responsibilities of gestational surrogacy must be carefully weighed and thoroughly considered. With years of experience guiding us, ARR helps you prepare for your role as a surrogate.

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