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Our Promise

Alternative Reproductive Resources is strongly committed to all the parties who make third-party reproduction a viable option for parenthood. We believe that egg donors, gestational surrogates and prospective parents should be treated with respect, candor and the highest degree of ethics. Our promise:

Compensation for egg donors and surrogates

Following the egg donation guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), ARR compensates egg donors and gestational surrogates for their time, effort and inconvenience. Each donor’s effort is equally valuable.


We spend considerable time with egg donors and gestational surrogates to help them understand all that’s required of this commitment. Donors and gestational surrogates both receive psychological screening and counseling and legal representation by independent professionals. By the time they are presented to the prospective parents, they are fully aware of and prepared for the rigors of the process.


When advertising to donors, gestational surrogates or intended parents, ARR does not promote unrealistic expectations or make false promises.


Egg donors, gestational surrogates and intended parents have a right to all relevant medical and health information that ARR has in its files as long as it does not violate the privacy of another party.

Egg donor issues

ARR is dedicated to protecting donor anonymity. While intended parents are provided with an expansive document detailing the donor’s medical history, genetic background, lifestyle and personal interests, her name is withheld to protect her identity. We make a commitment to the donor that her information will not be displayed on our Web site for all to see. Intended parents are given all due consideration in exclusively reviewing a donor profile, removing the risk that that another couple may choose the donor in the time it takes to make an informed decision.

Gestational surrogacy issues

Because we believe gestational surrogates and prospective parents have a right to meet before agreeing to work together, we are committed to facilitating this relationship beginning well before the embryo transfer. To ensure all parties’ needs are met to the fullest extent possible, we also provide gestational surrogates and intended parents with separate advocates.


In Her Words
Robin von Halle

We cannot express strongly enough how critical it is to consult with an agency that works with mental health professionals and lawyers who specialize in fertility counseling. This is extremely important in both surrogacy and egg donation. Reputable agencies help couples, surrogates and donors with legal contracts to ensure that certain procedures, including psychiatric and background checks of egg donors, surrogates and intended parents, take place before anything is agreed upon, offsetting the risks that can be involved with this lengthy process.

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